Stephanie Barrett Archery

Recurve Archery Instruction & Equipment Support

I am an NCCP Certified Instructor of Beginner Archers as well as an active competitive target recurve archer. I can help you with technique, getting your bow setup/tuned, advice on equipment, or anything else. My current rates for a 2 hour session are as follows:

  • 1 person: $50
  • 2 people: $40 per person.
  • 3 people: $30 per person.

You must have your own equipment and non club members must pay a guest range fee to the club of $15 per session.

Custom Recurve Bow Strings

Are you in need of a new bow string and not sure where to buy one? I can make one for you! I only use quality BCY8125G string material and can make strings for recurve bows up to 72″ (long riser and long limbs) in almost any colour. Since these are made-to-order, I don’t carry any stock of pre-made strings and I only have a few colours on hand. But, I can order any colour on the BCY colour chart, increasing the time it takes for you to receive your string.

  • 1 string: $25
  • 2 strings: $40

When you receive your string(s), you will still need to set them up to work with your bow. Specifically, the brace height will need to be adjusted and nocking point(s) will need to be added.

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