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I didn’t place as well at this year’s Ontario Target Championship as compared to last year, but there are so many good/positive things I’m taking home with me! First, and most importantly, I didn’t injury myself! 😛


The only time it was cloudy all weekend was during Saturday’s official practice.
📷: Elvina Chew

In archery, like many sports, your scores tend to go through peaks and valleys, usually trending upward, as you constantly refine and tweak both your technical and mental skill sets. Currently, I’m on the upward side coming out of the valley I was in for the past month or so. Some recent form changes as well as some changes to my mental focus routine are becoming more integrated into my subconscious shot process and as a result, my shots are beginning to feel really good and I’m finding myself more confident in my ability again.

IMG_20180715_123600In qualification, I shot a 7.62 arrow average over 144 arrows to place 4th, and in the elimination rounds a 7.63 arrow average over 24 arrows to tie for 5th. My quarterfinal match against Shannon (a rematch from last week) was another hard fought, back and forth match, with Shannon taking the last set and the win 6-4.

On the way to Ottawa and the RA Centre for the tournament, we stopped for lunch at a pub in Kingston where I saw some of the most “Canadian” bathroom stall graffiti:


❤️ Thank you ❤️