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Earlier this week, the evening weather and lighting were pretty amazing, so Norm and I did some more videos! I have already posted the time-lapse to Facebook and I’ve just now finally gotten around to editing Norm’s handheld closeup footage. I had a little fun with it, and tried to synch up different shots together. I’m pretty happy with the result, and how consistent my shot timing is from shot to shot. Be sure to select the 1080p version of quality to see some cool slo-mo arrow flight on the shot as seen from above my head!

Fall is just around the corner and Winter is Coming. I may have mentioned it already, but Fall/Winter classes are starting up soon and may fill up quickly. If you or someone you know are curious about archery and want to give it a try, check out one of the awesome clubs near you! Many of them have multi-week classes or one-off private lessons available. I made a post already about a few clubs in the Greater Toronto Area, but if you’re not near any of them, I’d be happy to help you try to find a club near you 😀

I’m going to create a new page on here that will list (and hopefully map) archery clubs and shops. I know when I started shooting, that kind of information was difficult to find.
UPDATE: I created the page!

Saugeen Shafts

East York / Scarborough
Shawn’s Archery Instruction

York Region
York County Bowmen
Target Pro Archery

The Archers of Caledon

Mississauga / Oakville
Ontario Centre for Classical Sport

● Hamilton Archery Centre (formerly Brockley Archery Club)