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This past week was all about the Canadian Nationals in Brossard, QC. I shot 314 arrows, nearly double what I had been shooting the two weeks prior and I worked with my physiotherapist earlier in the week to figure out some final plans and ideas to help minimize the effect of my injury. The plan worked out really well, and my back is feeling MUCH better. But, because I had been taking it easy, I had lost some of my stamina and struggled to continue to shoot strong shots by the end of each day. I’m meeting with him again tomorrow to work out a recovery plan. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back to full time training again in a week or two.

I shot a personal best on the first day, and achieved the first of 3 score goals I had set for myself for this season. I didn’t shoot as well on the second day, but it was still one of my highest scores for the season so far. During the elimination rounds on the third day I started strong, winning my first match, but I wasn’t  quite able to keep it up in the second. I lost two sets by only a single point or two and wasn’t able to keep up with my opponent. It was a great experience, and being only my second time doing eliminations, I learned a lot and and can’t wait for the next opportunity do it all again! Overall, I am very happy with my performance. It hasn’t fully set in yet, but top 10 in Canada with a 7th place finish in qualification and 9th in eliminations is very satisfying!

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Like other events I’ve been to, this one was no different. The organizing committee and all the volunteers work so hard for us. I can’t express enough how much your hard work means to us. Merci beaucoup! Every event I have been to has been full of friendly, hard working, dedicated people. The archery community is definitely one of the best! There is always a new friend at each event waiting to be made and so many interesting conversations to be had.

Michele, Dakota, Norm, and I carpooled out to Brossard and shared a room for the week. We had lots of fun and became better friends because of it. Thank you so much Michele for everything this weekend, I’m not sure we could have done it without you! Congratulations to Dakota and Norm who also shot personal bests this weekend, you guys rock!