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This past week was very difficult, but it needed to be done; I didn’t shoot at all and spent most of the time trying to rest my back. Doing nothing for an entire week is really hard, but Norm took such good care of me that it wasn’t too bad ❤ I even spent some good quality time with my equipment, just hanging out on the couch watching movies.

On Wednesday, I was able to get in to see my physiotherapist and he was able to determine the issue and do some initial poking and prodding that greatly helped decrease the pain and increase my mobility. I’ll be back in to see him a couple more times this week as I slowly add exercise and shooting back into my daily training routine. Hopefully everything goes well and I’ll be back to normal next week! Thank you so much to the team at Kings Cross Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic for looking after me!

IMG_20170723_122410I did manage to head out to the range a couple of times with Norm, mostly in an effort to move around and stretch my legs a little bit. While there, I was able to play with our new Barska spotting scope and help Norm out with some video analysis of his form.