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I’m still dealing with back issues and haven’t been able to do any training since last week.  Hopefully, my physio appointment this week helps me start the healing process. The only shooting I did do was at the Ontario Provincial Championships this weekend in Sault Ste. Marie where I shot 262 arrows in practice and competition.

Norm, Shannon, and I all piled into the car early Friday morning for a long drive out to the Sault. On the way, we stopped by Sudbury to check out the Big Nickel at Science North. We didn’t record much of the archery, but we did get some video and photos of the trip. There was even a Rib Fest in town while we were there!

On Saturday, we shot two 720 qualification rounds for the Ontario Target Championship and I finished 4th in my division with a 7.22 average arrow score. Since some of the divisions were a little smaller, they were combined to make for a single larger elimination bracket, putting me into 5th overall. I was pretty satisfied with my performance, which was a little better than last weekend’s. I learned a lot, and even figured out something in my release that will make for more consistent shots in the future.


The Ontario Open was on Sunday. It’s a head-to-head style elimination tournament using Saturday’s qualification scores for seeding. I was very pleased with my performance overall, shooting a 7.4 average arrow and winning each of my three matches 6 – 2 to take the gold!

A huge thank you to the hosts, the organizers, and all the volunteers who put on a fabulous event! And