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This week was pretty tough. I still managed to shoot near to my average arrow volume, but that’s only due to having another double double 720 this weekend. In total, I shot 432 arrows this week, but it should have been a much higher count. Earlier in the week I strained my back while doing some gardening and it’s still sore. The hardest part was resting; basically doing nothing for three days. All I wanted to do was to keep shooting, training, and working on the things my coach and I had last discussed. I probably shouldn’t have shot the tournament, especially with Provincials coming up next weekend. Thankfully, it seems to have worked out ok.

The week started off with something a little different; Field Archery. Norm convinced Brennan to come check out the club and as part of the tour we gave him, we shot the field course. I like to think of Field Archery as golf for archers, so I may occasionally refer to a target as a hole, since there are several different targets on a field course, like there are several holes on a golf  course. One of these holes had an option of shooting through some rather tightly grouped trees, so of course we took the opportunity!

Midweek, I met with my coach to discuss the concerns I had last week. We concluded that the changes were being caused by my recent form changes, and as long as it’s comfortable and consistent, it’s not an issue. He had some other suggestions for me to work on, but because of the gardening related back pain, I wasn’t able to do any further training this week. Instead, I used the tournament to really focus on incorporating his advice into my shot process. It’s definitely not something you should do during a tournament, but with my sore back, a lack of training this week, gusty wind conditions, and Provincials fast approaching, I decided I wouldn’t be too concerned about my scores and instead focus on working the new elements into my shot process to prepare for next weekend.

Norm got a few good clips of some of my less than ideal shots from the tournament. You can really see that my spine alignment is much straighter and my whole body is much more stable. You can also see how much my head is moving and how unstable my bow arm is. Granted, it was pretty windy, and I was slightly injured. Still, it’s something to work on.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with my performance this weekend, especially with the issues and weather that I had to deal with. I’ve regained confidence in my form, and I’m getting better at being able to read changing wind conditions.