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After last weekend’s tournament I was feeling really confident with my form, but something changed early this week that’s causing my bow to swing in front of me instead of tapping my leg after release. This week, I shot 518 arrows.

I spent a while on Wednesday shooting in my garage trying to figure out what had changed.

I have a couple theories, but I’m a little confused since I didn’t consciously change anything during the week. The only form changes I made, were a week or two ago and the bow swinging only started this week. I’ll be meeting with my coach early this week, hopefully we can figure out what happened and work through fixing it (or just accepting it) before the tournament this weekend.

I think I’ve mostly worked through my finger tension/nerve damage issue. I still have to wrap my finger, but it seems to be healing. However, I still have a lot to work on with my release. In this video, you can see my fingers relax and the string leave my hand, but almost immediately after that, my fingers flex out instead of staying relaxed. Since the arrow has already left, it’s probably not a big problem, but it is something I would like to fix. The best part about this video though, is its audio; so satisfying.

Oh! I almost forgot. My new Doinker 15″ Estremo side rods finally arrived (I had been waiting for them since February). They’re a little longer and a little heavier than my old side rods which really helps to give the bow a better balance during and after the shot. This photo is pretty great since it shows off the stabilizer set up so well, but if you look closely, way off to the left, you can see the arrow I had just shot!arrow