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Due to this week mostly being about “cleansing” after last weekend’s double double 720, trying to reinforce my recent form changes, and just getting a little rest, I only shot 351 arrows.

I’m still having some issues with my string fingers, which I think is mostly due to not having a good distribution of pressure, as well as not keeping a deep enough hook throughout the shot cycle. I sometimes find that I have let the string slide out slightly onto my finger tips at full draw, rather than keeping the string in the creases of my fingers. To help with this, I have incorporated some key words/phrases into the mental side of my shot cycle to help maintain good and consistent form.

I know last week I said I was going to work on the back arching thing, but this finger thing is much more important to fix ASAP, since it can very easily lead to nerve damage. And besides, the way to fix the arching is to get stronger, so I feel like I can work on both at the same time without much issue.

On Sunday, OCCS hosted their annual Spring indoor tournament, their last tournament until October. I didn’t perform as well as I had hoped, since most of my recent focus has been on outdoor and form changes. It was still a good experience though, being able to put all my recent training to good use and to see what areas of my mental game still need some work. But the best part was all the old friends I got to see and shoot with again, as well as all the new friends I met!