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This week was mostly about reinforcing my form changes, building volume, and forcing myself to get some rest prior to the two double 720s I shot. In total, I shot 692 arrows, half of which were during the four 720s I shot Saturday and Sunday at The Archers of Caledon.

IMG_20170608_082138Norm and I have been continuing our early morning (6:00a – 7:00a start times) training sessions, and with this recent heat wave, the mornings have been fantastic! I have found training in different lighting conditions to be very challenging, yet also very rewarding. On the Archers of Caledon practice range, the early morning sun is fully in my left eye, while my right eye, the one that I aim with, is in full shade looking at a target that is also in full shade. It’s a very odd sensation and a difficult situation to adapt to. Additionally, the tournament range is at about a 90° offset, meaning sun is fully in my right eye, a little in my left eye, and the target is backlit. These lighting issues really only exist early in the morning though, after about 9:00a the sun is high enough that it doesn’t make too much of a difference any more. Still, it’s great to have the opportunity to train in a variety of conditions.

On Saturday, we shot our first “double 720”. Basically, that’s just two 720s in one day. We then followed it up with another double on Sunday! That’s four rounds of 72 arrows, plus warm up/practice before each one (for me, it was almost half of my weekly arrow count). I was worried that I wouldn’t have the stamina to keep shooting strong shots all the way through, but with my training, eating well, and staying hydrated, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the last couple ends of the fourth round I was able to keep my shots strong, keep my shot cycle consistent, and wasn’t feeling much fatigue. I even went for a jog after helping to put all the target butts away.


The weather was amazing this weekend, mostly calm, clear, and hot. It was about 30°C each day, mainly sunny, and only a little wind on the Sunday. Even though I lathered up with sunscreen each morning before shooting, and again each day at lunch, I still managed to get a small sunburn on my wrist. I think it’s because my watch had rubbed some of the sunscreen away though. Norm wasn’t as lucky, I think he missed some spots on his neck and arms and has turned into a lobster. We both definitely need to find some better clothing to help mitigate potential weather and sun issues. For example, my bucket hat isn’t very breathable. So while it does great at keeping the sun off my head, it also holds a lot of heat. It’s also not waterproof, and will hold a lot of water (or sweat). I’d love to hear any suggestions you may have for sun and rain protection!

Oh yea, Norm finally started his own blog! Mostly to document his #60DaysOfDev progress, but also to talk about life, archery, and gaming. You can check it out at Bows, Bosses, and Binary.

Video/photo feedback is such a great tool! While my recent form changes are settling in, I’ve noticed something else to work on next. One of the great things about sport, is that there’s always something new to work on. It’s either just a posture thing or a core strength thing, but basically, my back will arch a little, especially when fatigued. This means that my hips and shoulders come out of alignment and my back is working harder to stabilize me during the shot, rather than sharing that job with my abs in front.