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On May 19, 2016, Norm and I began our first archery lessons. On our first “archerversary” we helped with setup for the first outdoor tournament of the season at The Archers of Caledon, and our first outdoor tournament ever. This week, I shot 510 arrows.

The first day of the tournament was pretty windy, and the second day was raining. We had a great time and learned a lot from the experience. I, unfortunately, had problems with my sight on both days, entirely because of my lack of experience . On the first day I had accidentally adjusted my sight in the wrong direction. So, while I was still shooting good groups, the groups kept getting further away from the center. On the second day, I just didn’t adjust the sight enough, so by the time I finally figured it out, the round was nearly complete. I did manage to keep shooting good strong shots for the most part, and finished the tournament with a solid two ends averaging 50 points each. I didn’t score as well as I had expected to, but I learned so much and had a great time! Thank you so much to April and her amazing team of volunteers and judges who make these things happen!

This was the best clip I could find, it’s from toward the end of the windy first day (after I “lost” my hat) and you can see I don’t “stay in the shot” after releasing the arrow. I believe this was one of the ends that I had to rush a couple of the arrows as I was running out of time. Having to let down so many times, and wait for the gusty wind to calm a little can really eat up a lot of time.

Earlier this week, the weather was really warm early enough in the morning that we could get out and do some training before work. We even convinced Shannon to join us on our early morning training excursions. We’re hoping that we can get out two or three times a week before work and then again after work, in addition to our usual evening training sessions and trips to the gym.

Later that day, after some Canada Post stress, I managed to retrieve the package containing my shiny new Pilla glasses. These things are amazing! They arrived just in time for this weekend’s tournament. I really noticed, especially in the sun and wind, that my face is much more relaxed and I don’t get as much wind in my eyes. I’m so glad I was able to get these in time!