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The weather finally decided to get out of its cold and wet mood and into something much warmer and occasionally very windy. This week I shot 391 arrows.

The number is a little lower because Norm and I spent the weekend preparing for our first outdoor tournament next weekend by having a mock tournament. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to shoot a full tournament on Saturday, but the half I did shoot was a personal best for me. Sunday however, was incredibly windy, and our first experience with a gusty cross wind. It really hurt our scores, but was a fantastic learning experience.

Earlier in the week, we met with Bryan from Pilla Sport Canada, to demo some shooting glasses. Bryan was very knowledgable and extremely helpful. He spent several hours with us talking about and letting us try the different glasses. As for the glasses themselves, they are incredible! The quality is immediately apparent in both the feel, and the optics. My facial tension dropped as soon as I put them on, and the colours and contrasts were just so much more clear. In addition to that, they also offer protection from UV and projectiles. How can you say no to eye health? “Be a champion for eye health” and “Seeing is believing” are things people tend to say when talking about Pilla glasses. And it’s completely true. I am definitely going to get some!

Hello Spring! It’s nice of you to drop by. I hear Summer is coming for a short visit next week? That’ll be lovely. I’m definitely ready!photo_1494436269735