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Here are the details for this week (Monday May 1 to Sunday May 7): this week was another light week. I shot 450 total arrows, almost entirely on my new bow.

This week was mostly about continuing the tuning of my new bow and just trying to get my arrow volume back up. I’m still having trouble finding an ideal brace height for the new bow, partly because the string jig that we have been using may not be able to actually make a string long enough. But other than that, I think the tuning is definitely getting better. My arrow points have pieces you can break off to make them lighter, which helps with tuning. As you can see, the bare shaft is pretty close to the rest of the group. Now I can go ahead and finish assembling the rest of my arrows!

Speaking of arrows, remember those broken arrow shafts I had? Well, I’ve made them into pens! The common BIC pen insert fit almost perfectly into the arrow shaft. If you would like one, send me a message, maybe we can work something out!


Finally, we bought a hand strengthening grip thingie to help increase grip strength 😛 and some stretchy exercise bands (that I forgot to take a photo of) to help with stretching, both from Sport Chek. The hand grip has adjustable spring tension so both Norm and I can use it at our own settings. And I have found that the stretchy bands have been doing a far better job at helping me warm up before shooting than just the static and dynamic stretches I had been doing before.

Two more weeks until our first outdoor tournament AND our first archiversary (anniversary of when we started shooting)!