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Here are the details for this week (Monday April 24 to Sunday April 30): this week was another light week. I shot 259 total arrows.

IMG_20170428_123316I did spend much of the early week looking after Norm (who had injured himself) as well as getting the vegetable garden ready for transplanting the seedlings, and much of the weekend tuning my new bow. I think I’ve managed to work through most of last week’s fatigue, and my arrow volume should return to mostly normal levels soon. Additionally, now that my new bow is mostly tuned, I will probably be switching to it full time, which means a small weight increase of about a pound. The bow shipped a lot earlier than I had expected, and due to some miscommunication, I wasn’t able to change to the purple riser. It’s ok though, I really like blue and it matches all my existing blue gear. This next week will be a lot of finicky fine tuning of the bow and hopefully just lots of shooting to get more comfortable with it. The grip and weight distribution are a little different, good different, but still something to get used to.

IMG_20170501_204845Oh ya, new arrows! I managed to get my hands on a dozen arrows and arrow parts this week and spent a few hours putting a few together. Also, the arrow wraps and XS Wings finally arrived and I’ve started putting them on the new arrows. When I ordered the wraps and wings, I had been expecting a purple riser. But, I think this new colour scheme will work out just fine with the blue one. At first I didn’t really like the pink wings on purple wraps (the colours looked different online), but they are definitely growing on me. I really like the brightness of them, and hope they’ll be really visible at 70m this summer.