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Here are the details for this week (Monday April 10 to Sunday April 16).

This week, I shot 249 total arrows, most of them outside at 70m. It was a somewhat light week, but I did finally get my heavier limbs back and shot them all week.

On Friday, while doing some standard form analysis videos this weekend, Norm got a little carried away as the camera man. So, I started learning how to use iMovie and did some bad video editing:

17966633_10158449561550177_3908952955817920575_oSince we don’t have a spotting scope yet, I set up my Nikon D40 DSLR camera with Opteka 500mm lens on the shooting line as a substitute on Sunday. It actually worked pretty well, but was kind of awkward to look through. Here’s a photo of the target at 70m.17917753_10158450292680177_4110825817831911333_o

Later on┬áSunday, I went exploring the field course at The Archers of Caledon, and managed to break my first arrow.┬áLesson of the day; always adjust your sight before shooting the next target, especially if it’s at a different distance!




Also, I took some photos of Norm, here’s one of the better ones: