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Yesterday was a pretty gorgeous day at the range. We shot lots of arrows, we finally weren’t alone outside, and the weather was great (which is probably why we weren’t alone 😛 Unfortunately, for reasons unknown, my head wasn’t rotated enough or I was anchoring too far back, so now I have some string burn on my chin. String burn is a lot like carpet burn, it’s caused by friction. In this case, the string of my bow striking or grazing my chin as I release.
vlcsnap-2017-04-03-08h26m28s101You can see a little in the photo how the string is sitting against my chin, but off to the side.

IMG_20170402_162416I did also shoot a practice 720 round yesterday, my first of the season (and only third ever). I was pretty satisfied with the first half, a 260/360, which is about where I had been expecting to be at the start of the season, putting me on track for a 520/720. But something happened in the second half that caused me to shoot much lower on the target. My group sizes were still about the same, just lower. With not as much 70m experience, it took me a while to figure out how much to adjust my sight by. And by the end of the half, I had only scored 190/360, for a total of 450/720 (still technically a personal best though!). I’m still not sure what caused the drastic change in my arrow flight, it could be a change in air pressure or wind, or more likely I was just fatigued. Either way, I know I need to get stronger and train / practice a lot more. But as the weather warms up, I’ll be out at the range a LOT more, shooting 70m rain or shine!