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Very early on the morning of March 9th, Norm and I drove eight hours down to Lancaster, Pennsylvania to try out some new equipment at Lancaster Archery Supply (LAS). The weather was great, aside from some gusty wind and some snow squalls on the way home. The border crossings were smooth and quick. And most importantly, the staff at LAS was outstanding. Spuds helped us out for around five hours on Thursday while we tried out different riser and limb configurations, and Moose spent a couple hours with us on Friday while we tried out various accessories and finalized our purchases.

IMG_20170310_104913On Thursday, I put about 40 arrows on this setup. It’s a 27″ W&W Nano Max riser with long W&W Wiawis One foam core limbs, and a set of Doinker Estremo stabilizers. It felt fantastic! The limbs were quick, and the riser + stabilizer balance felt really good in my hand. When I swapped out the limbs for my lighter draw weight SF Elites and took some weight off of the stabilizers, I noticed that my bow hand wasn’t as stable anymore and would occasionally slide up the grip. Maybe I was just getting tired .. maybe I just needed to modify the grip .. I’m not sure.

IMG_20170310_103113On Friday, I shot a Hoyt bow. It’s the same Doinker Estremo stabilizers, but with a 25″ Hoyt Formula Faktor riser and long Hoyt X-Tour limbs. This bow also felt fantastic! There was something different though, and I’m still not sure what it was. Maybe it’s the geometry, maybe it’s the material or manufacturing process, or maybe it’s just me. But this bow just felt better for me. I think if Hoyt had offered a 27″ version I would have bought it on the spot. But, they don’t, so I’m going to have to take a little more time and do a little more research to figure out what my next bow will be.

Just to be sure, I shot the W&W bow again after shooting the Hoyt bow to get a decent comparison. I’m still leaning toward the Hoyt, which is interesting because before trying these, I was leaning more toward the W&W bow. But, because of the Formula system, it will be a little more of a financial investment.

Also on Friday, we tried out several accessories. Norm tried a variety of long rods and decided to buy a set of B-Stinger stabilizers, while I was very satisfied with the Doinker Estremo set, but could only buy the long rod because of our duty free limits. We also tried a couple different sight apertures: the Shrewd Flex Recurve Scope and the Titan Recurve Aperture. Norm and I both really liked the larger diameter aperture, but he had trouble seeing the small 1mm dot we were testing with. I bought a nice blue Shrewd Flex (that matches my blue Shibuya Ultima RC sight) and I’m really enjoying it.

Overall, the trip was well worth it. All of the staff at Lancaster Archery Supply were amazing and we were able to try out some equipment that isn’t often kept in stock at shops around here. Thank you so much to everyone involved in making this trip happen! We will definitely be back.