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The new limbs that Norm bought for me arrived today! I couldn’t try them out right away though, because we were out at the Bow Shop in Waterloo test shooting a 27″ W&W Nano Max. I’m really thankful that there’s a shop nearby that lets me try out equipment before buying it. Unfortunately, they only had the one 27″ riser. Hopefully I can find someone with a 27″ Hoyt Prodigy riser I could try out (is it you?).

Anyway, back to the new limbs. They’re SF Elite Carbon/Foam 26lb long limbs (my current limbs are 24lb SF Premium+). A little heavier than my current limbs, so I won’t be shooting them full time right away, especially with a couple indoor championship tournaments in the next few weeks. They’re also a higher quality material that reduces the stacking effect I get with my long draw, meaning they maintain a more linear resistance compared to the Premium+ as i get toward the end of my draw.img_20170217_212937

I had already shot a bunch tonight before getting home and tearing open the package so I┬ádidn’t shoot the new limbs very much, but the few shots I did get felt great! Can’t wait to get out to the range tomorrow to shoot them more!