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med_drawOver the last few weeks, I have been shooting a lot more, trying to increase my weekly arrow volume. With that, I have noticed that my string fingers are starting to feel .. numb. I’m pretty sure it’s because I have such a long draw length, that by the time I get into my anchor, the string is at such an angle, to cause pressure on the sides of my fingers. This image was the best I could find to illustrate what’s happening. At a longer draw length, the string begins to put more pressure on the top of the top finger and the bottom of the bottom finger. Since I’m shooting a medium (25″) riser, a few people have mentioned that I should look into getting a long (27″) riser to help alleviate this issue (and other reasons, too).

Since 27″ risers tend to only come in the higher quality (and price) tier, I’m going to be spending a lot to purchase it, and I want to choose the one that’s best for me now, and for years to come. I was considering a Hoyt Formula Prodigy/Prodigy RX/Prodigy XT, but that would also require me to invest in the Formula style limbs. Alternatively, using the style of limbs that I already have, are the Win&Win Inno CXT/Wiawis Nano Max.

To complicate matters, there are a few other companies that also make 27″ risers, but I know even less about those models, since no one I know has shot them before.

UPDATE: I bought a Hoyt Formula Faktor!